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I am very excited to progress with Teacher Techniques in the next six months to twelve months. I am hoping to add new features and content that will enhance my site and engage viewers to consistently log on to learn about teaching techniques. I will be creating new posts as well as adding to my Moodle course to create participants to collaborate about successful strategies used in the classroom and why they work. Also, I will be asking viewers why some techniques do not work as well as others. My goal is to engage, involve, and teach viewers about teaching techniques in the classroom.


My upcoming plans for additional features on my site include creating a tag feature so that when people are searching for a specific topic related to my PLE my site will be more likely to appear. I am hoping to add this feature by the end of November and to consistently add more tags as I progress with my site. For example, the tags I can use are teacher, teaching, techniques, strategies, positive, and reinforcement. Therefore, when a person types in these words while using a search engine, my site will be more likely to come up for the person to view. In addition, I would like to implement a WordPress hit counter plug-in, which can be installed to show how many people have viewed my site. By implementing this feature on my PLE, as soon as the end of November, as I post more blogs I can view if people are logging on to view the topics at certain times. In addition, I also want to add an upcoming events feature for my calendar I currently have on my site. By the end of January I will implement this feature because I will then have an idea of what I will be including on my site for the upcoming year. I will base the topics I post on feedback from viewers visiting my site.                                                                                      

The new content I would like to add to my site in the next six months includes creating a discussion topic to ask viewers what they would like on the site that would be beneficial to them as educators. This can also be separated into discussions for educators, administrators, and those who are new to education. I would like to implement this content by the beginning of December because I want to include topics that viewers want to learn more about. I will continue with this post through the next six months to gather ideas of what kinds of topics viewers would like on the site. Also, I would like to create a page about the challenges teachers face in the classroom, which can be specific to new educators who have questions about what techniques should be used for specific challenging behaviors. I would like to add this new topic of discussion by the end of December and continue with it for about three months to gather information and collaborate with viewers about their thoughts on the topic.

In the next twelve months, as previously mentioned as a vision for my site, I would like to provide a page on hands-on activities for teachers for different elementary grade levels. I also will be adding a posting on current teaching trends and discuss outdated techniques and why the current techniques are more beneficial to students. In addition, I will look into changing the theme of my site to look into which theme may best fit my site. I will also be adding information and features to my Moodle course. I will be providing viewers with information from Michael Linsin who wrote in 2011, “How To Handle Whole-Class Misbehavior”, which is on the website http://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/ and ask educators to read over the page of tips. I will ask participants to choose two tips they would revise, how they would revise both of them, and why they chose the two tips to revise. Also, I will want to know what two techniques are each participant’s favorite and why. In my Moodle course, I would also like to add course tracking to further enhance the course to help particpants track progress within an activity and also add a quiz feature to help gain an understanding of what participants are learning from my site.  A goal throughout my site is to get educators to think and talk about what teaching techniques work and why some may not.

As an education coordinator, I am responsible for providing successful teaching techniques to teachers. Through my site, I have the ability to share my teaching strategies with others around the world in addition to the school I currently oversee. I truly enjoy spreading my knowledge about teaching techniques and discussing which ones work and which need to be modified or ones that are not suitable to be used anymore in order to create a successful classroom environment. Educating others about teaching techniques is my own personal aspiration to help teachers and educators with specific techniques. From my own experience and through the collaboration of others, my website will benefit teachers and educators who need tips on strategies.

My hope for this site is to provide educators with successful and useful teaching techniques. I plan on continuing with my Moodle course and uploading new blogs on WordPress. Over the next six months, I will be incorporating both new features and content on my site. The features will include a tag feature, a WordPress hit counter, and upcoming events on a calendar. The new content will include creating a discussion topic asking viewers what they would like to see on the site and a page on challenges teachers face. Over the next twelve months, I hope to include a page on hands-on activities and current teaching trends, changing the theme of the site, and adding information and features to the Moodle course.

This site fits within my professional and personal life because as an educational coordinator, I am responsible for providing successful teaching strategies to teachers to use in the classroom. I truly enjoy sharing techniques that work with others through collaboration. This site is perfect for me because it will help me grow as a professional by sharing and collaborating with others about successful teaching strategies as well as for my own personal gain to discuss a topic that I am passionate about.


Linsin, Michael.  (2011, Oct. 15).  Smart Classroom Management:  How To Handle Whole Class Misbehavior.  Retrieved from http://www.smartclassroommanagement.com/

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